Deejay Academy : invité This is Shit

22 mars 2019 - 288 vues
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La tracklist :

SLIM HUSTLA  - Constant Value [auto-produit]

MATUSS - Between 4AM and Basement [Absence Seizure]

POLKOLOR  - Venus [Redlight Music]

AVISION  - Complicated [On Edge Society]

OISIN - D [Distrackt Records]

APOLLO NOIR x JEANNE ADDED - Twist of Men [tigersushi]

BRAIN DAMAGE - Genetic weapon (OBF remix) [jarring effects]

THIS IS SHIT  - /// (Edit) [upton park]

THIS IS SHIT  - Transition 1.1 [upton park]

THIS IS SHIT  - Transition 1.2 (Lon66 Remix) [upton park]

THIS IS SHIT  - Ecstasy (Remix) [upton park]

ETIENNE DE CRECY - Relax (Tempovision Tour Mix by Edc) (2002) [solid]


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