The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 08

21 juillet 2021 à 23h10 - 1191 vues
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00:00 The Storm By Marina Quaisse (Intro)
01:00 You've Got The Love I Need By Al Green
03:13 I Want You By Erykah Badu
08:09 People By J Dilla
09:20 Mmmhmm By Flying Lotus ft Thundercat
10:41 Flying Easy By Donny Hathaway 
11:40 You Know I'm No Good By Amy Winehouse 
13:49 03 - In Heaven By Fatboy Slim
15:31 Kinda Natural By Coldcut
18:16 Soul Divine By Amp Fiddler
19:15 Footprints By Tribe Called Quest
20:15 All In Together Now By J-Live
22:01 November Has Come By Gorillaz/MF Doom
24:08 Trouble Man By Ahmad Jamal
27:21 The Death Of The Lonely Superhero By Clover
29:59 Rothko's Light Untitled By Marina Quaisse (Talk Break)
31:01 Drake By Beth Gibbons 
32:47 Hidden Place By Bjork
34:30 Brother Sparrow By Agnes Obel
37:20 Fact Of Life - He'll Be There When The Sun Goes Down By Bobby Womack
40:52 Throw Down By The Ananda Shankar Experience And State Of Bengal
42:47 Touriste By Hocus Pocus ft Elodie Rama & Tribeca
44:43 No Game By Breakthrough ft Jnerio Jarel
46:03 The Planet By Gang Starr 
47:57 Pease Porridge By De La Soul
50:03 Gamma Ray By Beck
52:00 Technology By Fatima
53:27 Companheira Da Manha By Alade Costa e Oscar Castro Neves
56:20 Windy City Theme (I'll Tell You What It Is Later) By Funk Fever 3
59:00 The Good Times By Marina Quaisse (Outro)


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