The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 03

12 mai 2021 à 21h10 - 2158 vues
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00:00 Let Us Begin By Madwreck (Intro)
01:18 Good Life By Bruce Haack
03:26 The Word By Bruce Haack
03:48 Solomon's Ring By Mort Garson
06:07 Stick'em By The Fat Boys
08:17 Get On the Mic By The Beastie Boys
09:30 Every Man 4 Himself By Nine
11:56 Spacey By Large Professor
14:58 Rize Up By Madwreck (Mattic Talk Break)
16:05 Exorcism By Mort Garson
18:20 Program Me By Bruce Haack
20:33 In Man By Mort Garson
22:01 Methods By Charizma And Peanut Butter Wolf
22:47 Whos It On By Casual
24:30 It Sounded Like A Roc By KMD
26:13 No Diggidy By Science Of Sound
27:54 Be A Father To Your Child By Ed O.G & The Bulldogs
30:12 The Cool By Madwreck (Mattic Talk Break)
31:40 Ancient Mariner By Bruce Haack (JonWayne Remix)
33:16 Incantation By Bruce Haack (Jonti Remix)
35:13 National Anthem To The Moon By Bruce Haack (The Stepkids Remix)
36:57 Symphony For A Spider Plant By Mort Garson
38:08 Judgement Day By Craig Mack
39:11 Best Kept Secret By Diamond D
40:46 Da Mystery Of Chessboxin By The Wu Tang Clan
43:25 Angels By Ghostface & Doom
44:46 Feels So Good By Tuff Crew
47:30 Mean Ol Devil By Bruce Haack
50:31 Never Follow The Yellow Green Road By Mort Garson
51:21 Party Machine By Bruce Haack (Prince Language Remix)
53:00 Blam Man Kind By Bruce Haack (Samiyam Remix)
55:17 Fakin The Funk By Main Source
56:23 Drop By The Pharcyde (Beatminerz Remix)
59:01 God Bless By Madwreck (Mattic Outro)


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