The Ghost in The Machine Music Hour - Episode 04

26 mai 2021 à 21h05 - 1983 vues
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00:00 Bucktown Traffic By Madwreck (Intro)
01:11 Here By Kouate - Neerman
03:37 Because Of Her Beauty By Karl Denson
05:21 An Old Road By The Kelly Brand Nextet
09:52 All That Funk By Mal Waldron
14:45 Hellbound By Yusef Lateef
17:18 Airborne By Jaga Jazzist / Jorgen Traeen
19:39 Beyond By Mr. Scruff
23:34 Fresh Casino By Rubin Steiner
23:59 American Jesus By Ivo Neame
26:37 Absolutions By MaxRoach
30:00 Even More Rap Tracks By Daylight Robbery (Mattic Talk Break)
31:57 実生活 By Madwreck
33:24 Lofi 20 By Blanka
34:52 LH By Sample Sickness
36:15 Wait A Minute (Take It Easy) By Mononome
38:50 Stevie Chop By Pitch 92
40:21 Standing Alone By LeGhosTofLove
41:47 Lofi 25 ASR By Blanka
44:04 Differently Still By BADBADNOTGOOD
46:27 Cannibal Lunch By Diesler
48:17 Beddie - Biey By Steve Arrington
50:37 Lowell By Kneebody
53:23 Jazz Cats By Madlib
55:31 Diana In The Autumn Wind By Gap Mangione
58:28 Aquarius By Cal Tjader (Mattic Outro)


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