The Ghost in The Machine Music Hour - Episode 06

23 juin 2021 à 21h10 - 1854 vues
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00:00 Let Me By Daylight Robbery (Intro)
01:01 Lovely Head By Goldfrapp
04:19 Anna May By Adrian Younge
05:38 Shazam By Jel & Odd Nosdam
06:36 Give Me A Beat By T3 ft K.E.Y.S
09:15 Arboles De Agua By Concha Buika
11:13 Lights, Flashes By Casa Castile
12:50 Drophead Drifter By Dr. LaFlow
14:47 The Gods By Doppelgangaz
16:04 Jedi Secret Garden By Jedi
17:51 Raw Medicine Track 05 By Madlib
19:19 Nachtsendung By Niobe
22:19 Carry On By Stew Rat
23:23 Friends Zone By Tyler The Creator
24:32 Presidential By Oh No
25:11 The Invisible Spectrum By Electric Egypt
27:28 From Before...What By Leila
30.00 Rodney Mullens By Mr. Dash (Mattic Talk Break)
31:11 Where Did The Night Go By Gil Scott-Heron
32:19 Retired Hustlers & The Last Harvest By YagoMeans
34:01 Theatre By Oddisee
35:48 Mice In The Presence Of The Lion By Hardnoise
38:12 The Piano In The Bathtub By Department Of Eagles
41:14 Everyone Else By Maker
43:30 Discipline 99 Remix ft Lootpack By Quasimoto
46:16 Ridin Around By Roc Marciano
48:51 White By Odd Future
50:51 N.Y.N.C By Johnny Madwreck
53:55 Vocalchimie Una By André Minvielle
54:42 Rock Box By Jay Dee
56:10 Too High By Yesterday's New Quintet
58:45 Hy-Vee By Thes One (Mattic Outro)


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