The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 23 : BornDay

05 janvier 2022 à 22h10 - 1768 vues
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00:00 Intro (Mattic)
01:33 Happy Birthday By Bahamadia 
02:38 Free As A Bird By Don Sebesky
04:30 I'm Busy By Mike Casey & Issaya Rouson
06:41 Blue Sunday By The Doors
08:47 Glad To Be Here By Lake
11:10 Karasawagi Funky Effect By Hiroki Tamaki & S.M.T
13:03 Rondo By The Dave Brubeck Octet
14:33 A friend By KRS One
16:29 El Renacer By Chico Perdido
18:10 Space Traveler By James Vincent
21:26 Flat Tyre By Spin
23:37 Kirkwood's Passage By Sweeps
25:16 Song For My Father By Horace Sliver
29:08 Bonus Egg Whites By Axel Leon
34:21 Kashmir By Led Zeppelin
37:42 As The Moon Speaks + Returns By Captain Beyond
40:20 If Eyes Were Ears By Dday One
42:53 Oxtopus Boom Boom By J Dilla
44:18 I Want To Take You Higher By Jiro Inagaki
47:30 Blue Silver By Ralph Nowy
49:47 Brother Rabbit By Ekseption 
51:48 A Chunk Of Sugar By Roger
53:29 The Rap World By Pete Rock ft Large Professor
54:59 Likidology By Quasmoto & Tash
56:51 Good Morning World By Del Richardson


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